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Puerto Rico

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The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the smallest and most easterly island of the greater Antilles, is the first Overseas Commonwealth Territory (defined as a ‘free and associated State’) of the USA. Spanish is the first language, but citizenship is US and English is widely spoken (as is ‘Spanglish’). In 1993, Spanish and English were made official languages (thereby restoring a 1902 statute which had been amended in 1991, making Spanish the sole official language).

Puerto Rico lies about 1,600 kilometers southeast of Miami between the island of Hispaniola and the Virgin Islands, which give it shelter from the open Atlantic. Almost rectangular in shape, slightly smaller than Jamaica, it measures 153 kilometers in length (east to west), 58 kilometers in width and has a total land area of 8,768 square kilometers. Old volcanic mountains, long inactive, occupy a large part of the interior of the island, with the highest peak, Cerro de Punta, at 1,338 meters in the Cordillera Central. North of the Cordillera is the karst country where the limestone has been acted upon by water to produce a series of small steep hills (mogotes) and deep holes, both conical in shape. The mountains are surrounded by a coastal plain with the Atlantic shore beaches cooled all the year round by trade winds.



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